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Journey to Joy

 Journey to Joy is a full-service travel agency that caters to all markets. We consistently educate ourselves on the ever-evolving travel trends to create an epic vacation for clients for whatever stage of life they are in. We coordinate everything from Romantic Getaways and Family Vacations to Family Reunions and Corporate Retreats. We passionately encourage our clients to get the most from their vacation knowing that they will come home inspired, renewed, and recharged. Ready to be their most effective selves when they return home.

   After talking with my clients, I intuitively sense the type of vacation that would bring them the most value. I draw upon my personal experience to match each vacation with each client.  I create detailed itineraries that take care of the client from the moment that they leave their home, until the moment that they arrive home and EVERYTHING in between.

About Venessa

I am passionate about encouraging others to have a happy head and heart, knowing that that is the key to living a vibrant and present life.  I feel travel is such a good way to achieve this, as travel allows you to experience new cultures, new tastes, new people, and it inspires you to be more adventurous than you’d normally be. It creates opportunities to meet new people and learn new perspectives and allows families and friends to connect on a deeper level.  

My goal is to inspire each person I meet to let go of whatever reservations they have about traveling and to be open to the possibilities that exploring the world brings.  My life goals include visiting each continent and space travel.

Venessa Wilson Journey to Joy

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